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Volkswagen Brake Service in Louisville, KY

When it comes to safety on the road, your brakes are the most important feature. However, for many drivers in Louisville, KY, it’s hard to understand exactly how brakes operate and when they should be replaced. Therefore, they rely on experts like those we employ at Bachman Volkswagen. We rely on their expertise and you can too.



The Brake System Explained

The brake system consists of disc brake pads, rotor, caliper, hardware and brake lines that distribute hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder. The system must remain enclosed for there to be constant pressure, which is used within micro-seconds when you apply the brakes. There are two brake pads on either side of the brake rotor, which are squeezed by the brake caliper to slow the vehicle down and ultimately come to a full stop. Think of brake pads like the soles of your shoes. After you’ve repeatedly used them while walking, eventually the shoes wear down.

Understanding Why Volkswagen Brakes Need Service

All cars use a “friction” braking process. The friction causes an excessive amount of heat that is absorbed as your Volkswagen gradually comes to a halt. This constant and intentional aggravated process not only requires replacing the brake lining but also inspecting all the entities explained above during the brake system service. The constant friction can also cause the brake rotor surface to become rough and can result in wearing the brake pads, front or rear, down even quicker. Therefore, during the brake system service, our technicians will either resurface the rotors or replace them entirely to bring your Volkswagen into manufacturer specification. Additionally, the brake fluid may become contaminated and, if so, it needs to be exchanged. Our certified technicians exclusively use Genuine OEM Parts with all brake services.

Knowing The Signs of Needing Brake Service

When most people think of needing brakes, they typically think of two things; grinding sounds or no brakes at all. However, your Volkswagen could need brakes replaced for several reasons and, if caught early enough, you may be able to reduce your out-of-pocket expense with the brake system service. Other than grinding sounds, the most common signs that may be experienced include:

  • Hearing squeaking noises while applying the brake pedal
  • Noticing brake fluid leaking on the ground after parking your vehicle
  • Brake pedal goes lower to the floor than normal
  • Brake pedal pulsates while coming to a stop, especially at 55 mph or higher

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