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Tire Department in Louisville, KY

Here at Bachman Volkswagen in Louisville, KY, we know that our customers’ tires are where the rubber meets the road, literally, and good functioning tires can mean the difference between a safe car trip and disaster. That is why our certified technicians go above and beyond in ensuring your vehicle’s tires are patched or repaired properly to ensure a safe ride. We also offer a great selection of quality tires that can fit your Volkswagen vehicle, from performance tires to off-road tires, we have you covered! So don’t let worn-out treads or a roofing nail get you down, come into Bachman Volkswagen in Louisville, KY, to experience service the way it should be!



We Offer a Range of Tire Services, Including:

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Tire Patch and Repair Services

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If you run over a roofing nail or other sharp object, this can cause a slow leak in your tire. Or, sometimes a fast leak! No matter what the cause, our technicians can examine your tire and can often repair a hole if not too large. We also can sometimes repair other issues that arise, so don’t despair if your new tire develops a leak or other issues, bring it into Bachman Volkswagen and our certified technicians can try their best to repair your tire.

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Wheel Alignment Services

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Two-Wheel Alignment
Four-Wheel Alignment
Have you noticed that your steering wheel and tires don’t seem to be aligned while driving? This can indicate your tires are out of alignment. Also, your tires can come out of alignment slowly over time, even if you don’t perceive it. Have our technicians check and correct your tire alignment when you come in for your next service appointment!

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Tire Rotation

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One popular service item many of our customers choose whenever they come in for an oil change is to have their tires rotated. This helps to ensure even tread wear across all four tires and prevent premature wear on just one or two tires.

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Tire Inspections

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Our certified technicians can inspect your tires to ensure proper tread depth. This is crucial to confirm your tires are safe to drive. They can also measure the pressure in your tires and inflate them if they are too low, or determine whether there is an issue causing low tire pressure.

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No matter what your tire needs, if you are in Lousiville, or the surrounding areas of Jeffersontown or Lyndon, KY, we have your tire needs covered! Stop by our service facility to ensure you’re keeping your vehicle in top shape.

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