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    When you’re shopping for a used vehicle, you want the assurance of quality and reliability. We at Bachman Volkswagen have been in the auto sales business for a long time, and we take pride in the excellence of our inventory, whether new or used. Put your trust in us and we’ll help you find the best pre-owned ride for your needs.

    Why Buy Used?

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    Image by Julian Hochgesang | Licensed with Unsplash License

    When it comes to vehicles, there are numerous great reasons to buy used instead of new. One, of course, is the upfront cost. If you’re looking at a new Volkswagen, for example, you can expect to pay at least $25,000 to $30,000, depending on the vehicle’s class and model. In contrast, a comparable used model could be as little as a third of the price, if not less. With those cost savings, you could even skip the financing.

    New vs Used Costs

    The sticker price of the vehicle is just one of the cost savings that a used vehicle can provide. Another is the reduced cost of insuring it. Generally speaking, how much you pay to insure a vehicle is directly proportional to its replacement value. A used vehicle usually has a lower replacement value, so you can expect to pay a lower monthly insurance premium.

    Not only that, but used vehicles tend to depreciate more slowly compared to their new counterparts. To illustrate, imagine that you’ve just bought a brand-new sedan. As soon as you leave the dealership in the car, it loses a significant amount of its value. Three years later, its value will have dropped by around 50%. If you had bought a used vehicle, though, its three-year value would have been much closer to its original. In the long term, that means minimal financial loss and greater potential for resale.

    There’s the matter of choice as well. By that, we don’t mean just sheer variety, though our used inventory certainly offers that. Rather, we mean the range of vehicle classes that become available to you. Because used vehicles cost so much less than new ones, you can probably afford to shop around for a better-optioned model at a higher trim level. The power sunroof and advanced safety features might be out of the question for a new model, but they could be entirely within budget if you’re buying used.

    What Makes a Good Used Vehicle?

    Aside from an accessible sticker price, good used vehicles have several characteristics in common. Foremost among these is probably a clean accident history. Ideally, you want a vehicle that has never been involved in a major collision, as high-velocity impacts can damage the mechanical components and diminish performance. With that in mind, make sure to obtain a vehicle history report, which informs you of any accidents, airbag deployments, and repairs.

    Another quality of great used vehicles is reliability. When it comes to an automobile, “reliable” means it can withstand the demands of regular use without needing frequent repairs. The most reliable vehicles can function for years with just regular maintenance and mechanical work, whereas unreliable vehicles can inflate your mechanic bill.

    The third common characteristic is safety. Specifically, good used vehicles have never been the subject of a recall, which occurs when the manufacturer and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identify a safety hazard in a particular model. If you happen to come across a used vehicle with an unaddressed recall issue, ask for a complimentary repair or skip the vehicle altogether.

    The last major characteristic is a warranty. It’s hard to overstate the importance of having good warranty coverage on a vehicle. Essentially, it saves you from having to reach into your own pocket for repairs, should the need arise. To that end, you might want to consider looking for a later-model used vehicle, which might still retain some of its original warranty.

    Alternatively, opt for a model in our Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, each of which comes with a model-specific limited warranty. CPO VWs also satisfy the other criteria for a great used vehicle. They not only come with a CARFAX vehicle history report but also undergo a 100-point dealer inspection and offer 24-hour roadside assistance. To get near-new quality at pre-owned prices, go CPO.

    If you’re looking for a used car for the new driver in your life, check out our blog post where we list some of the best cars for new drivers.

    How Buying a Used Vehicle Differs From Buying New

    When you’re looking to buy a used vehicle, you want to make certain preparations that you’d ordinarily forgo if you were shopping for a brand-new model. One is compiling a list of the features you want. With new vehicles, you can ask for optional add-ons, but used vehicles come as is. That being the case, make at least two lists — one for requirements and the other for preferences. The former consists of features that you must have, while the other is for things you’d like to have but can do without.

    Second, settle on a strict budget. With used vehicles, paying the full price in cash becomes a feasible option, whereas the more flexible option of financing is much more likely with new cars. If you do opt to finance your used vehicle, consider filling out our pre-approval application beforehand so that you have a sense of where you stand financially.

    Finally, pay for an inspection. For about $150 to $250, a mechanic will thoroughly examine the body, interior, and workings of the vehicle you want and determine whether everything’s in fine working order. With the savings you can expect from buying used, the cost of an inspection is a small and worthwhile investment.

    Used Volkswagens In Louisville, KY

    Feel free to reach out to us with your questions if you’d like to learn more about our inventory of used vehicles. For the most convenient method of correspondence, fill out the form below with your name, email address, and message and we’ll get in touch with you as quickly as we can. If you’d prefer to speak directly with an associate, give us a call on our main line at 502-272-2586.

    Of course, you can always get an in-person, up-close look at the myriad options in our lot by stopping by the dealership. Find us at 9652 Bluegrass Parkway right here in Louisville, Kentucky. We’re open six days a week — 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays. Let us show you why we’re among the best-trusted names in auto sales in the Louisville area.


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