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When shopping for a car, you consider numerous factors such as your budget, maintenance, and reliability. While a new car may offer the reliability you need, it may be too expensive to purchase, insure, and maintain. That’s why most savvy buyers turn to used cars sold at dealerships. At Bachman Volkswagen, we understand that buying a used car is a huge investment that requires the application of good research, some excellent investigative skills, and proper planning.

Why Choose a Used Vehicle Instead of a New One?

If you’ve decided to buy a used Volkswagen in Louisville, Kentucky, you can rely on our expert sales team to take you through the process. We have used Volkswagens designed to provide you with the value you need at an affordable price. You can browse our extensive inventory of used Volkswagens to find your dream car. We add used cars to the platform every day. So, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, check later, and we’re sure you’ll find it.

Buying a used vehicle is an excellent option for many vehicle shoppers today. With new car prices skyrocketing daily and more pre-owned vehicles entering the showrooms, used cars are becoming a better option every day.

Another significant factor contributing to this shift is the increasing availability of certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles

  • Buying a used car saves you money.
  • The depreciation bulk has already occurred.
  • Lower insurance premiums.
  • Better for the environment.
  • No exaggerated costs.
  • Detailed vehicle history.

What To Look For in a Used Vehicle

Finding a good used car has nothing to do with luck. To get the model and trim you want, you need to be patient in your search and allow dealerships to find the right vehicle for you. Knowing how to spot problems can save you from expensive automotive headaches later.

At Bachman Volkswagen, we do our due diligence to ensure you get a problem-free vehicle. Our technicians inspect and assess every component of each car before buying it. If there are issues, we ensure they’re fixed before presenting the vehicle to potential buyers. Here are tips to help you know what to look for in a used car.

Read the Window Sticker

The Federal Trade Commission requires dealers to present a buyer’s guide on every used vehicle they sell. This sticker contains critical information, including whether the car has a warranty and the percentage of repair costs the dealer will pay if you find any.

Inspect It Carefully

Consider bringing a friend or your mechanic to help you inspect the vehicle thoroughly. If you can’t bring your mechanic, take the car to your local repair shop and have it checked. Inspect during the day with natural light, as flood lights can make vehicles look shiny and hide body defects. Your mechanic should be able to go through all the interior and exterior components, such as the glass, suspension, lights, tires, lenses, interior, seats, pedals, sound system, fluids, belts, battery, and radiator.

How To Inspect a Used Car

It’s best to check the components under the hood when the engine is cool. First, check the overall state of the engine bay. It’s normal for it to accumulate dust and dirt but be careful with a vehicle showing signs of oil splatter around or on the floor below. The owner’s manual should point out where to check all fluids to ensure they’re filled to the right capacity and in normal condition.

Generally, structural components with large dents in the floor pan or fuel tank indicate past accidents. Any welding around the frame suggests the replacement of a damaged section or some repair work. New or darker undercoating may hide fresh structural repairs. It’s absolutely normal for a used vehicle to come with old worn-out tires. A car with 20,000 miles shouldn’t have new tires. Check if all four tires are the same, and if there are different branded tires installed, ask why they replaced them.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car at a Dealership

Buying your used vehicle from us or any dealership near you may be the best decision you’ll ever make, as it has plenty of benefits. Listed below are a few.

  • More choices: When you buy your vehicle from a dealership, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you want, as most dealerships have extensive inventories of used cars. At Bachman Volkswagen, we only deal with Volkswagen vehicles. That means you’re likely to find the car you’re looking for or even get a better deal from the choices we have.
  • Flexible payment plans: Most dealerships offer finance programs that allow you to pay for your vehicle at a comfortable rate.
  • Greater buyer protection: There are minimal risks when you purchase your vehicle from a dealership. Dealerships are legally bound to ensure that all used cars are fit for purchase and have a reputation to uphold.
  • Room for negotiations: Unlike private sellers who may have a fixed price based on how they feel the vehicle should cost, dealerships perform an extensive assessment that determines the car’s actual value.
  • Higher quality vehicles: People sell their vehicles in excellent condition for various reasons, such as moving out of the country, sorting financial issues, and other common reasons. Due to increasing demand for used vehicles, many people opt to sell to dealerships as it’s stress-free. For this reason, you’re likely to find high-quality vehicles at great prices when you buy at a dealership.
  • You can also sell your old car: Most dealerships, including Bachman Volkswagen, offer trade-in programs where you can sell your vehicle and earn money to buy a new car simultaneously.

Get Your Used Volkswagen in Louisville Today

Buying a used or CPO car today doesn’t have to be a complex process. You don’t have to worry about meeting and transacting with a stranger when you have the right used car dealer a call away.

We’re a one-stop shop for all Volkswagen vehicles, services, parts, and accessories. To get started, fill out the form below with your name and email address, and our team will reach out to quickly. If you’d like to speak to one of us, give us a call at 502-272-2586 or visit our dealership on Bluegrass Parkway.

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