Transmission Services


Certified Volkswagen Transmission Services in Louisville, KY

Does your Volkswagen car or SUV need transmission service? Our Volkswagen certified service department at Bachman Volkswagen offers a full menu of transmission services perfect for you in Louisville, KY!



Volkswagen Transmission Services and Our Certified Technicians

Our service center is staffed with Volkswagen trained and certified technicians that understand the VW transmission system and its maintenance requirements inside and out. If you own a Volkswagen due for scheduled transmission maintenance or have a blown transmission needing replacement, we invite you to schedule one of our quality transmission services.

Volkswagen Transmission Services

Warning Signs of a Transmission Problem

The transmission delivers engine power into the drive wheels, which makes it pretty important when it comes to reliable performance and driving comfort. If you begin noticing any of the warning signs of a problematic transmission, we invite you in for a quick transmission inspection to isolate and correct the problem. Here are the most common warning signs related to a transmission problem:

  • Difficulty changing gears
  • Grinding or shaking
  • Burning odor
  • Noises when in neutral
  • Leaking fluid
  • Gears slipping
  • Dashboard warning light

Transmission Inspections

The best response to a warning sign indicating a transmission problem is a transmission inspection from a trained and experienced expert. Our Volkswagen trained and certified technicians know just what to look for when transmission problems occur. Based on customer reporting and the presenting physical transmission inspection, we will identify the core problem and make a recommendation for corrective service as necessary to secure reliable performance at specifications.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Serving within the transmission as a hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil, transmission fluid is vital for the transmission’s operation and overall vehicle reliability. Transmission fluid typically lasts a relatively long time compared to other fluids; however, it will eventually break down as the fluid ages and might also leak if a transmission seal wears out. A transmission fluid exchange removes the old fluid and replaces it with fresh factory authorized transmission fluid.

Transmission Replacement

Nobody wants to hear the words “your transmission is blown”; it is an unfortunate outcome that most of us want to escape. However, Bachman Volkswagen takes great pride in mitigating the usual hassle and stress that our customers experience when replacing a transmission. We use a crew team approach to remove the old transmission, inspect the exposed components to ensure support of the new transmission, and install the VW original equipment transmission system to specifications.

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